Our Services

Envision is built for today’s health care world. As a fully integrated health care company, we have the unique ability to design and deliver tailored programs that help health plans, labor groups, and employer populations of all sizes meet their cost, care, and quality of life goals.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

The cornerstone of our success as a PBM lies in our ability to go beyond basic benefit design and formulary management. We collaborate with our clients and partners to continuously implement new strategies that improve plan performance and elevate the member experience, year after year. Regardless of your pharmacy benefit management need or preferred contracting model, Envision has options to fit.


This put us on the map. Our innovative pass-through model has long been the choice for plan sponsors that prefer to pay a simple administrative fee for program management and receive earned discounts back at the point of sale. As our client’s needs have evolved, so have our solutions. Envision now offers more options for contract models (transparent, traditional, hybrid) and more options with how we set up guarantees.


With the same variety of contracting options as EnvisionRx, MedTrakRx is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses. Turnkey PBM services, custom plan design, and proactive clinical, formulary and network management help smaller clients maximize plan performance.


End of life care often involves more highly regulated drugs and requires immediate prescription fulfillment. HospiceRx services provide reliable, convenient, cost-effective medicines, so caregivers can focus on delivering a comfortable end-of-life experience.


Built on a scalable, modern platform, LakerSoftware PBM technologies enable clients to adjudicate claims and administer benefits with the fastest, most flexible and stable systems available.


Customizable network options help clients balance pharmacy access with the need to improve costs. With a robust national network that includes Rite Aid retail stores and most other chain and independent pharmacies, plus our best-in-class mail order, specialty and compounding services, members in all geographies are assured convenient, high quality pharmacy access.


EnvisionMail Pharmacy, formerly known as Orchard Pharmaceutical Services Mail Order, gives members a convenient, easy, and secure home delivery alternative to making visits to their local pharmacy. Members who have chronic conditions can renew their prescriptions online and receive them delivered free of charge. Dependent on plan design, members often save money by getting reduced copays for using mail order to receive longer (90 day) fills. EnvisionMail offers convenient prescriber options to send prescriptions by mail, telephone, fax or e-prescribing.


EnvisionSpecialty Pharmacy, formerly known as Orchard Pharmaceutical Services Specialty, helps people with rare and complex conditions that require specialized care and therapies. We support members, their families, and caregivers by providing education and support to manage their medication therapy. Our proprietary Bridge and Copay Management programs help members and plan sponsors save money on increasingly costly specialty drugs.


EnvisionCompounding Pharmacy offers clients a solution to their growing compound needs by providing medically necessary, patient customized compounds at fair and reasonable prices through our state of the art facility. Our innovative clinical review prevents the dispensing of inappropriate compounds by reviewing every ingredient for medical necessity, clinical appropriateness, and cost. EnvisionCompounding provides products for unique patient needs, control over compound spend, and access to valuable reporting such as cost savings, compound utilization, and patient examples.


EnvisionRx contracts with more than 72,000 network pharmacies across the country. Our extensive network of contracted pharmacies includes all major pharmacy chains and most independent pharmacies.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid Corporation is proud to be one of the nation's leading drugstore chains. With 4,600 stores in 31 states and the District of Columbia, we have a strong nationwide retail presence. Rite Aid is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the third largest in the U.S., with about 89,000 associates.

Savings Programs


For plan sponsors that want to provide their members more ways to save, EnvisionSavings offers a discount savings program that can easily be "wrapped” into the plan’s current benefit design and help members save on off-formulary medicines. For anyone that is either under-insured or uninsured, EnvisionSavings provides a simple way to get discounts on a variety of drug types, including brand name prescriptions.


The nation’s largest discount fertility program, DesignRx provides access to lower cost fertility drugs for individuals looking to start a family. DesignRx has helped over 300,000 members reduce their cost to go through fertility treatment. For more information, please visit our patient-centered site fertilitybydesign.com.



Through our EnvisionRx Plus product, EnvisionInsurance provides Medicare Part D plans to nearly 400k members throughout the United States. Beyond individual Part D plans, we also have the ability to offer our PBM clients Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWP) and even fully insured products that place all of the utilization risk on Envision, for a fixed premium amount.

Clinical Care & Member Engagement

EnvisionCare is our collection of programs and tools that help members make more clinically sound, cost effective care choices. We mine quantitative data and qualitative research to better understand member behaviors and improve the effectiveness of our clinical programs, formulary strategies, plan designs, member communications and distribution channels. With the average plan standing to gain over $1,100 per member, per year, by increasing overall member engagement just 10% (New England Journal of Medicine, 2010), EnvisionCare helps our clients achieve these savings through clinically sound programs that drive behavioral change without compromising member satisfaction.