Why Envision?

EnvisionRxOptions is a different kind of health care company with a visibly different approach to managing pharmacy benefits. We help plan sponsors give their members the prescription coverage and service they deserve. We are fully integrated, owning all of the programs and tools we provide. This gives us the flexibility and efficiencies to save our clients' money and help people, at all stages of life, get the medicines they need to feel better - at prices they can better afford.

Being a large national provider helps deliver the pricing our customers' need, but being big isn’t the only thing that makes Envision better. Being nimble, proactive, fair and easy to do business with make us better. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service and a competitive financial offer. We provide fresh ideas, listen to our clients and members, and try to make a positive difference – every day.

Operational Flexibility

From pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services and technologies, to savings programs, pharmacies, insurance products, and clinical programs – we provide all of the tools needed to help plan sponsors and members achieve their cost and quality of life goals. Because we own all of the components needed for complete end-to-end integration, we have the ability to tailor programs, systems and plan designs to meet the unique needs of our clients. Being nimble better equips us to support all types of members and quickly make changes in ways others can't.

Transparent Performance

We communicate both successes and challenges with clarity, consistency, timeliness, and consideration. We challenge ourselves, and our clients, to think differently - that’s why we equip plan sponsors, TPAs, brokers, and consultants with the information they need to gauge plan performance against contractual guarantees, measure the efficacy of clinical programs, assess member engagement strategies, and design more impactful benefit packages.

Quality Assured

We bring together clinical, regulatory and operations experts in order to ensure our clients stay in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Our dedicated transition teams work with new clients for smooth on-boarding with minimal disruption, while our 100% U.S.-based customer service centers and digital toolkits help keep members more engaged and satisfied. Our account management teams provide support and guidance for strategic planning as well as proactive issue resolution. By bringing together clinical, compliance and member engagement leaders, we help design and deliver programs that create behavioral change as well as more reliable, safer, affordable use of medications.

Ongoing Insights

As the world of health care changes, we change too. We provide our clients and business partners with innovative new ideas, more effective takes on old ideas, and better recommendations for the future. With deep market research and analytic capabilities, we constantly look to better understand what’s behind plan performance and what trends are important to watch going forward. We proactively share new insights and collaborate with clients to create effective, measurable member experiences ensuring strategies are adopted that maximize satisfaction, drive adherence and minimize cost.

Bottom Line Impact

Understanding that rebates and trend cost management are just some of the ways PBM’s can create overall value - we focus on total cost and continuous improvement. We deliver the best bottom line impact by optimizing all aspects of the prescription management process - from plan design, to member communications, pharmacy channels, formulary management and clinical care programs. With Envision, plan sponsors can confidently manage their business, not just discount percentages and rebates.